About Us

Too many people have no clue of what’s going on when it comes to installing a new app or tool on their PC or phone. And there have been too many damages, caused by spammy apps full of viruses, let alone the time wasted. This should come to an end, and that’s where the PCAppsReview blog and the team behind it comes into play.

We resolve the problem of installing less of apps and more of filthy backdoors that you might have been a victim of before. Here at PCAppsReview, we review all sorts of apps, games, and digital tools that people often install and use on their phones without knowing what’s getting installed behind the shiny user interface. 

Every day, in this era of modern technology, new apps and games are published more frequent than ever. Keeping track of them is next to possible, and trusting a random app is way more dangerous than ever. To help you with installing new apps and games without getting bunked, the PCAppsReview does the leg job and tests apps you want to install. 

Our job also includes the guides of installing apps and troubleshooting them like a pro. If you have a favorite app that you use on your Android phone, and you want to install it on your PC, we’ll show you how to do that. We also cover different guides on iPhone and Mac computers if you use those. 

By following our guides, you’ll avoid installing bad apps as we do the screening, testing, and take our time to write guides on them here at PCAppsReview. Go through our blog and find the best guide you need the most and contact us if you have any feedback or need any personalized guides and reviews that we’re yet to cover. 


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  • 13 August 2022